Battery Regulations

According to waste batteries and accumulators regulations, we would like to point out the following:

Many products are supplied with batteries. There are also products, like remote controls, that contain batteries. In connection with the sale of rechargeable and disposable batteries, we are a dealer in accordance with battery legislation are obliged to point out the following:

Batteries received from us, can be returned after usage, free of charge, to the address below. Postage will have to be paid.

visunext UK Ltd
- Battery recycling -
Victory House
Chequers Road
Tharston, Norwich
NR15 2YA



The disposal of waste batteries in the household rubbish is prohibited. Batteries containing pollutants are marked with the symbol of a crossed out wheelie bin (see figure left) labelled. Under the rubbish icon is the chemical name of the pollutant - "Cd" stands for cadmium, "Pb" for lead, "Hg" for mercury.

celexon supports the waste battery regulations. We would therefore ask you to observe the above guidelines in order to promote a healthier environment.