Install your projector to the wall or ceiling

With a celexon universal projector mount you can install almost any projector to the ceiling or wall. There are a number of different options which provide a unique solution for your application. If your premises have high ceilings or the screen cannot be installed directly to the wall, then we can provide ceiling or wall spacers.

Halterungen für Beamer

Pylon System

Manually height-adjustable pylon or panel systems are independent of power sources and can be placed anywhere in the room. Thanks to the manual drive, the height can be adjusted from any standing position. In addition, the system is self-sufficient and maintenance-free.


Ceiling Mounts for Projector

We offer a wide range of projector mounts suitable for most projectors at a variety of lengths


Ceiling Lift

With a ceiling lift from celexon, you can integrate your projector discreetly and almost invisibly into your conference room or living room.


Wall Mount for Projector

Install almost any projector on the wall. Different models offer you an individual solution for your project.



Wall Mount for Displays

Mount almost any display (up to 70 inches diagonal) onto a wall.