Electric Tension HomeCinema Plus - CLR UST

Our new Electric HomeCinema Plus Tension - CLR screen for UST projectors is here. Equipped with our new "black grid CLR fabric" , many control options for optimal integration and with a special cable tensioning system perfectly adapted to our CLR fabric, our new screen ensures the best... more
Electric Tension HomeCinema Plus - CLR UST

Our new Electric HomeCinema Plus Tension - CLR screen for UST projectors is here.

Equipped with our new "black grid CLR fabric", many control options for optimal integration and with a special cable tensioning system perfectly adapted to our CLR fabric, our new screen ensures the best flatness, vivid images and rich black values, even under residual light and during the day in the room.

In combination with a modern ultra-short-distance projector, it becomes a true laser TV and thus an alternative for larger, classic TV sets, which can visibly disturb your interior design when not in use.

The highlight remains: When not in use, the surface disappears almost completely from view, as the screen is installed on top of your wall or ceiling and the fabric retracts electrically when not in use. This allows you to create a rollable 92"-120" TV that is only fully visible when in use.

Innovative screen design and foolproof integration for any room

A stable, extruded aluminium housing with flexibly positionable wall/ceiling mounting brackets gives you flexible and secure installation. celexon offers the screen in white or black housing. For all lovers of classic living room home cinema and for our home cinema enthusiasts with a special home cinema room, the matching housing colour is thus available in each case.

Unobtrusive design with eye-catching features

The control of the screen is completely integrated in the housing. In addition to classic infrared, the screen can also be controlled potential-free via your switches if required. In addition, each screen comes with a radio trigger set, so you can also control the screen smartly directly via the switching status of your projector. smart ideas for the bigger picture.

An extra-large worm winding shaft winds and unwinds the fabric completely with just a few turns. This reduces the mechanical stress on the fabric, minimises the tendency to wrinkle and thus ensures the longest possible life for your CLR fabric. Coupled with celexon's innovative tension system, which is adjustable on demand, you will experience optimal flatness for absolutely straight images.


celexon's black grid CLR technology

In addition to all the external and mechanical improvements, we have of course dedicated our development to our CLR high contrast screen fabric. A newly developed microscopic light grid structure, manufactured using new production processes, produces up to 20% brighter images, delivering visibly more "punch" and colour contrast, making it even more suitable than ever for a true TV replacement in your living room.

In doing so, we have significantly increased the number of directionally reflective blades on the fabric, improved the coating of the absorbing and ambient light deflecting, upper areas of the blades and thus produce outstanding projection images in almost all lighting conditions. Get excited about celexon's CLR "micron-scale black grid" surfaces!


celexon micron scale black grid CLR vs. other manufacturers' CLR surfaces



A laser TV with celexon's new CLR UST motorised screen is not only easy on your eyes, it's easy on them too.


The celexon CLR UST high contrast screen fabric makes all the difference

Even a modern ultra-short distance projection enjoys maximum in-screen contrast and the deepest possible black level. A contrast cloth such as the celexon CLR HomeCinema Plus series is indispensable for the "OLED" effect, as it clearly optimises the black level. In addition, disturbing stray and residual light is minimised, especially ceiling light can be reduced by up to 90 %.


celexon's black grid CLR high contrast screen fabric significantly improves the UST (Ultra Short Throw) projector image: the unique, multi-layer screen fabric design visibly increases black levels and effectively minimises the "grey haze" of ambient light in the room. Ambient light is actively deflected or absorbed away from the surface and so a high-contrast image is visible even under low-light conditions (lamps or daylight). You will be thrilled and enjoy unprecedented image size as a TV substitute. This also saves costs, e.g. for a separate TV.

Our new "micron scale black grid" UST contrast cloth is optimally suited for all current (Full HD & 4K) and future projectors with resolutions up to 8K due to its special cloth structure. The unrestricted viewing angle stability of up to 170 degrees should be emphasised, so that all viewers on the sofa can enjoy true big-screen TV without restriction.


You have the choice: available in black or white!

Also with the new series, in addition to the tried-and-tested black, perfect for dedicated home cinema rooms, we offer a discreet white for the living room at home and meeting rooms as a housing colour, naturally at no extra charge.



Suspense? Not only in films ...

Our tried-and-tested rope tensioning system ensures the ultra-short projection indispensable flatness without annoying dog-ears at the edges. For even better tension over the entire surface, we have cut the lateral tension tabs concave. An excellent flatness will give you undisturbed short-distance projection.

As if that wasn't enough, we have intensively reworked the fabric coating and achieved a unique softness of the fabric with new material mixtures of the backing material. This means that visible, disturbing horizontal stripes and imprints of the winding shaft or the adhesion of the leader and fabric have no chance in the projection image.

celexon installation tips: For easy use, our experts recommend a trigger connection. The trigger required for this is included in the scope of delivery and can be connected to the 12V trigger port or USB-capable ultra-short distance projector so that the screen retracts automatically when the projector is started up or when the projector is switched off.



We supply our "celexon screen Electric HomeCinema Plus Tension - CLR UST" with a wide range of accessories, so it can be controlled in many ways "out of the box":

  • conveniently from a distance via the enclosed infrared remote control
  • automated via radio trigger you control your screen easily and conveniently via the trigger output and switching status of your projector - full automation
  • manual control via a button on the housing
  • potential-free control via RJ-12 output of the left side cap possible



The valuable housing has a linear shape and blends inconspicuously into modern living room environments. The clear line shape allows the screen to integrate very well into your space and does not disturb the living ambience, especially when retracted.

A rollable 92"-120" laser TV is created with celexon's innovative HomeCinema Plus Tension - CLR UST screen series.



Our electric HomeCinema Plus Tension - CLR screen installs safely, easily and quickly.
The choice is yours: install the screen on your ceiling or on your wall.

With CLR ultra-short throw projection on a rolling screen, the projector is always placed in front of the screen from below on your furniture. This is the only way to achieve the mode of action and directional reflection for a good projection result.


Short information:

  • Electric tension screen with celexon's black grid CLR cloth of the latest version (only for UST projectors!)
  • celexon CLR / Laser-TV "black grid" ultra short throw projection screen fabric, lenticular, to be illuminated from below by UST projector
  • black backside
  • concave cut tension rope system especially effective against "dog-ears"
  • large worm winding shaft for maximum flatness and life of CLR fabric
  • integrated control unit with a variety of control options
  • includes. IR remote control
  • incl. Radio trigger set and trigger unit built in, +3 to +20V DC switching states can be triggered
  • quiet, high-torque tubular motor: durable and smooth running
  • Power output on left side viewed from front
  • 220V, 50HZ


Supplied with:

1x celexon UST CLR High Contrast Electric Tension Screen - HomeCinema Plus
1x Infrared (IR) Remote Control
1x Adapter Cable Jack to USB in Black
1x IR Receiver Eye
1x Radio Trigger Set (Transmitter and Receiver)
1x Mounting Material, Screws and Dowels for Concrete Substrates
2 x Wall/Ceiling Mounting Brackets in Housing Colour
2 x Ceiling Hanger for Free Hanging Mounting on e.g. Carabiners (incl.E.g. carabiners (incl. screws for mounting the hangers on the brackets)
1x instructions & screen usage instructions