celexon CLR HomeCinema UST High Contrast Frame Screen V2.0

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The new V2.0 version of the CLR (ceiling light rejecting) framed screen from celexon's HomeCinema series is here! Our specifically optimised for ultra-short throw (UST) projectors is now also equipped with the current "black grid" CLR screen fabric from our HomeCinema series. Our new,... more
celexon CLR HomeCinema UST High Contrast Frame Screen V2.0

The new V2.0 version of the CLR (ceiling light rejecting) framed screen from celexon's HomeCinema series is here!

Our specifically optimised for ultra-short throw (UST) projectors is now also equipped with the current "black grid" CLR screen fabric from our HomeCinema series.
Our new, tool-free tensioning system for the projection screen fabric is also included. The V2.0 is rounded off by our new, height-adjustable mounting rails for infinite adjustment to the projection image.

Visible contrast enhancement even under residual light conditions

Our CLR frame screen V2.0 combines the advantages of current displays with the size of a projection screen. The specifically developed, multi-layer projection surface ensures unprecedented contrast, black level, brightness and vivid colours under daylight or residual light conditions (ambient light).

With these features, the dream finally comes true - the projection screen becomes a TV replacement - with a UST projector you can transform the classic TV into a laser TV with a screen diagonal of up to 120"!

celexon's black grid CLR technology

A newly developed microscopic light grid structure, manufactured exactly using new production processes, produces up to 20% brighter images (than the previous model), delivers visibly more "punch" and colour contrast and is therefore even more suitable than ever before for a true TV replacement in your living room.

We have increased the number of directionally reflective blades on the fabric, optimised the coating of the absorbing and ambient light deflecting upper areas of the blades and thus produce excellent projection images in almost all lighting conditions. Let celexon's CLR "micron-scale black grid" screens inspire you!

The principle of the directionally reflective CLR fabric technology

The unique, multi-layered fabric design visibly increases the black level and effectively minimises the "grey haze" known from matt white fabrics in ambient light in the room. Ambient light is actively deflected or absorbed away from the surface and so even under residual light conditions (lamps or daylight) a high-contrast image is visible. You will be amazed and enjoy unprecedented image size as a TV replacement, which also saves costs, e.g. for a separate TV.

A laser TV with the V2.0 CLR frame screen from celexon not only flatters your eyes, it is also easy on them.

celexon's black grid CLR UST high contrast screen fabric makes all the difference!

Even a modern ultra-short throw projection enjoys maximum image contrast and the deepest possible black level. For the "OLED" effect, a contrast screen fabric such as that of the celexon CLR HomeCinema Plus series is essential.

The HomeCinema CLR UST fabric from celexon achieves outstanding values, our aim was to combine high colour fidelity and rich colours, deep blacks, brightness, the best Ansi contrast, with full-surface image homogeneity and a wide viewing angle with excellent ambient light insulation, while maintaining maximum

Our black grid CLR fabric visibly optimises the black level. Interfering scattered and ambient light is extremely minimised by our special surface structure, in particular ceiling light is reflected up to an impressive 93 % less, even light coming in from the side is blocked visibly more effectively by our new fabric than its predecessor or other CLR fabrics.

And the special thing... Our new CLR fabric retains its ambient light suppression linearly across the entire grey scale! This means that the overall image gamma remains at a high contrast level and the quality of the projected image remains largely unaffected, even when the lighting is switched on - not a numbers game, but real key performance indicators!

Of course, colour values are also among the relevant factors of an outstanding projection surface! Our CLR screen fabric does not affect the colour performance (saturation) of our projected image in any way. Even under residual light, the saturation of the three primary colours on our screen surface is exceptionally stable compared to the classic matt white surface.

celexon micron scale black grid CLR vs. CLR fabrics from other manufacturers

The extremely high RGB colour fidelity of our fabric is not a matter of course with such a complex fabric structure, taking into account all parameters relevant for a very good image, even if residual light plays a role! This means you can enjoy an almost perfectly harmonised image "out of the box" with celexon's CLR screens. (Colour values always depend on the quality and settings of your projector)

Our new "micron scale black grid" UST contrast fabric is optimally suited for all current (Full HD & 4K) and future projector resolutions up to 8K thanks to its special fabric structure. Approx. 5,000 lines of our micron scale black grid louvres on a 100" surface accurately display every single pixel of every image line of a full 8K resolution.

Original 4k projection image taken from a distance of 40 cm

The accuracy and laser-sharp finish with a constant angular structure and precisely calculated spacing of our blades is a decisive factor for a striking and clearly superior image sharpness to the cheaper CLR screens on the market, even from a viewing distance of less than half a metre! You won't be able to see any horizontal lines in the image, just like with a classic TV picture and that up to 8K resolutions!

Original image of the directionally reflective slats of the celexon CLR fabric

The viewing angle of up to 170° is extremely wide and real 0.5 gain achieves an impressive perceived brightness, black level & colour contrast thanks to the special bundling of the incident light and reflection towards the viewer. At the same time, it is extremely strong in the avoidance of hotspots. The homogeneous image display ensures high plasticity and also enhances perceived, holistically vivid, high-contrast and true-colour images.

Our gain value specifications are not high centre gain specifications as with many other products on the market. With our CLR screen fabric, we achieve a professionally measured minimum of 0.5 gain in the centre area and the usual gain loss towards the edges of this type of projection is exceptionally low at a maximum of 0.4 gain and is imperceptible when viewing. This guarantees you an absolutely homogeneous image display across the entire surface and is very important for a holistically impressive and at the same time pleasant image perception for the human eye over a longer viewing time.

A special material composite and various special high and low temperature processes, which each individual celexon fabric undergoes for a total of over 70 hours, stabilise the flatness and surface structure of the fabric. This ensures a high durability and flatness for many years.

With all these performance values, the CLR UST fabric from celexon is one of the best CLR ultra-short throw high contrast fabrics on the market today and is unique in its setup at this price point.

Large screen TV or a screen after all?

The very narrow frame is only 15 mm wide, has a matt black finish all round and only rises minimally above the surface of the fabric. This prevents any edge reflections.

Rounded corners that are flush with the frame design ensure a high-quality finish, unlike simple clip-on corners from other providers. Precisely clean-cut cover profiles combine with the corner pieces to create a completely continuous, clear and clean line.

The frame width of 15 mm corresponds exactly to that of modern, classic TVs. Our frame frames the picture in a high-quality but recognisable way and avoids strain or signs of fatigue during prolonged viewing.

A frame! - Not just a frame ...

Suspense? Not just for film ...

The new tensioning system of our V2.0 CLR frame screen makes set-up much easier. No tools are required, as is the case with proprietary spring tensioning systems, for example.
Our fabric is knotted simply with the hands all the way round, a special material mixture attached to the fabric all the way round can be easily pulled to tension with the hands and holds this tension completely, constantly all the way round and for many years.

Well tensioned = pure relaxation.

Unique on the market is the tension right into the corners. This results in a 100 % flat installation result, eliminating the need for disruptive corrections in the corners, which can occur with classic spring tensioning systems.
All anchors required for tensioning are already integrated into the frame in advance. This makes installation very easy and precise.

All of our CLR fabrics are cut precisely using CNC machines and are always a 100% perfect fit and calculated and produced to the correct frame tension. Whether in winter or summer - you can look forward to a perfect flatness and exact images - just like a classic TV.

smart ideas for the bigger picture.

We have also thought about the attachment and suitable alignment to your respective UST projector for our V2.0 HC framed screen. The result is our new, infinitely adjustable mounting rail system with millimetre precision.

Mount once - perfectly aligned forever.

This allows you to drill the required holes in your wall just once and easily adjust the required height for your projector using the mounting rails.
Even if you change your projector or the furniture on which it stands, you can easily adjust the screen position to the new dimensions without having to drill again. A scale attached to the rails makes it noticeably easier to set the correct height; the frame can be moved sideways on the rails just as easily.
smart ideas for the bigger picture.



  • High-quality, matt black aluminium frame
  • Very slim "display design" - only 15 mm frame visible all around
  • Screen type: celexon black grid CLR UST with 0.5 gain with up to 170° viewing angle - Multi-layer PET/TPU composite material with directionally reflective coating
  • Suitable for up to 8k UHD, Active 3D capable
  • increases the black level and image contrast many times over compared to standard matt white fabrics
  • high colour fidelity, Colour saturation and contrast, produce natural and vivid images
  • specifically optimised and suitable only for ultra-short-throw projectors
  • waterproof - therefore damp wipeable, Anti-mould coating
  • permanently perfectly tensioned fabric right into the corners, thanks to celexon's innovative, tool-free tensioning system
  • simple mounting of the frame (stable L-angle system)
  • simplest wall mounting via celexon's exclusive rail system, adjustable laterally and in height



1x celexon CLR HomeCinema UST High Contrast Frame Screen V2.0
1x mounting material
2x height-adjustable wall bracket
1x manual & screen usage instructions